This subscribtion gives you full access to the "Minding Me" Mentorship Program led by Nicole Cooper. This mentorship program provides all of the benefits listed below on a monthly basis. You can cancel your subsciption at any time by simply emailing, requesting a subscription cancellation. Your cancelled subscription become effective the month immediately following the month in which you requested to cancel your subscription. 


After purchasing your subscription you will immediately recieve an email with the dates and times of your sessions. The email will also include a link to your FREE workbooks.


What you will receive monthly:


  • (2) Mentor group sessions led by: Nicole Cooper

                  Session 1 - Self Development Focus

                  Session 2 - Business & Branding Focus

  • (1) Educational training or informational session led by an industry leader or expert


Fulll access to:

  • Mentor/mentee group chat
  • FREE Business & branding workbooks
  • Exclusive network of resources and relationships


What you can expect to gain:


  • Personal Development- Nicole is a certified mindset and executive coach. You will work with her to create strategies and a plan to work on developing your mindset in order for you become self-aware, unlocking your full potential, release self-limiting beliefs, and accepting accountability for your actions in your life. Once you release these limitations, Nicole will structure a plan for the personal development exercises to begin. In order for you to become a full aware leader in your business and your life, you must first do the work to release self-doubt and uncertainty in order to see the value you already bring to the table and how to leverage it effectively.


  • Business & Brand Development- Get an ALL Inclusive pass to Nicole's professional experience and knowledge of developing and repositioning brands through strategic processes. Learn how to make your brand congruent with what you want to be known for, the importance of brand functioning and how your brand evolves over time. Learn how to communicate your brand to your target market online and understand that your brand is NOT colors and a logo, your brand is your word!


  • Industry Wide Education & Training- You will have ALL ACCESS to Nicole's network and relationships to provide you with industry wide education and training sessions. From market research, beta testing, project/campaign management, effective time management, social media marketing/management, as well as understanding the difference of going from an employee to an entrepreneur.


  • Digital Products and Resources- Receive entrepreneurial workbooks at no additional cost. Learn how to conduct market research, develop or revise a business plan, business formation, establishing business credit, and source funding. You will learn how to develop a brand identity and brand strategy, as well as the difference between branding and marketing and how the two coincide. The workbooks will also teach you how to successfully launch your business.


  • Exclusive Access to Events & Workshops- Get early access to each and every digital or in-person event, offered by Nicole and/or any of her associated entities.


There are NO refunds. NO exceptions. 

All Access Monthly Subscription

Price Options
All Access Monthly
$199.99every month until canceled